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•        Since 1978

*     No moving parts. Compact.  Easy to
 install and maintain.

•        Fully automatic and self cleaning.

*      Applicable to a wide range of
  industries offering solutions to
  process control and in plant dust
  control problems.

•        Designed together with you, for you,
to suit the conditions unique to your

•        Kemac’s service start from planning
to drawing board and right to the fully
installed dust control system.


   The Kemac pulse jet dust collector is a continuous
automatic self cleaning unit employing the most
popular, successful and the latest cleaning technique
used by most well known fabric dust collector
manufacturers in the world.  The superior cleaning
technique enable it to be used with higher filter
velocity resulting in less filter bags to maintain and
replace.  Also being a smaller unit, it occupies less
productive floor space compared to other types of
fabric collectors.


      An exhaust fan pulls the dust laden air into the
hopper section of the dust collector where
preseparated large dust particulars drop out of the
air stream.  The fines are trapped on the surface of
the fabric.  The filtered air flows through the filters
into the plenum chamber and then through the fan
to the atmosphere.

      The cleaning of these filters is done by pulses of
compressed air fired into the filters via a venturi.  An
electronic timer regulates the cleaning frequency and
cleaning time which occurs in a fraction of a second.
Each bank of filters is cleaned in a repetitive sequential

         During cleaning, a short pulse of compressed air
is fired into the venturi which induces a large volume of
secondary filtered air from the neighbouring filters to
flow into the filter being cleaned.  The flow of air result
on three cleaning actions occuring in a fraction of a

a)        ‘Shock’ cleaning by vibrations generated.

b)         Flexing of the filter media.

c)         Reverse flow of air from the clean air side to
the dirty air side removes trapped particles in
the fabric and temporarily lubricates the filter
surface allowing dust cakes to slide down the
side to the hopper below.


          Standardisation to world standards on filter fabric
type and size, and control valves have been achieved on
Kemac dust collectors to enable end users easy access to
Spare parts.  Also standard size dust collectors are available
if required. The outstanding features of Kemac dust collectors

•        No internal moving parts – eliminating valves and bearings
which require regular maintenance and often problematic.

•        All filters type used are needle loom felt material
Individually selected to suit acidic, alkaline, humid,
hot conditions.  e.g.  polyester, polpropylene, nomex,
teflon, fibre glass etc.

•        Large hinged access doors are provided for
maintenance and access to the sock chamber.

•        The housing is made of heavy gauge material in mild
steel, stainless or aluminium and reinforced suitably
to provide a strong housing for the filters.  The unit
is of welded construction and easily assembled.  No
major assembly need be done on site.  Each individual
unit is designed to suit local conditions.

•        The timer is weather proofed and the solenoid valve
coil is encapsulated in nylon to withstand hot humid

•        It uses a solid state timer with no moving parts.  All
control I.Cs are mounted on an interchangeable
printed circuit board.

•        The unit can handle dust streams with temperature
Well beyong 500 degree F.

•        Compressed air usage is minimum because of the
venturi action.


•         Top removal filter type are available

•         Round and flat types are designed to overcome
Space limitations and applications.

•         Accessories available:
Cast iron rotary valve
Solids level controller
Electromagnetic vibrator
Vibrator mootors
Fluidisation padas


    Each Kemac dust collector is
individually sized, designed and custom
built to suit each individual plant/process
application taking into  consideration
several factors like temperature, moisture
content, humidity of the air, type of
material, particle size, dust loading,
application, other gases involved, space
limitations and emission standard.  This
ensures that you are getting the dust
collector best suited for the duty it is
required to perform.


      These units are used both as a process
equipment to collect powder from an air
conveying system and also as a means of air
pollution control of dust and fumes of micron
size.  It has wide applications in industry
related to the following materials.

Aluminium              Dolomite            Milk powder
Alfafa                     Epoxy resin        Oat flour
Asbestos                Feed mash        Oat products
Barley                    Feed mill dust     Paper
Bentonite               Felspar               Pebble lime
Bone meals            Fertilizer             Puffed rice
Calcium                 Fibre glass          Puffed wheat
Candy sugar           Filter clay          Phenolic resins
Carbon black          Fish flour           Phosphate rock
Cereal                     Flour                 Plastic powder
Cement                   Fruit sugar         Rubber
Charcoal                 Gelatin               Sand
Chemicals               Glue                   Sawdust
Cocoa powder         Glue binder        Soya bean meal

Coke                       Gluten meal        Steel grinding
Corn meal               Gypsum              Sugar
Corn starch             Hydrated lime     Talc
Dextrose sugar        Insecticide dust   Tobacco
Detergent                Iron oxide            Tea
Dried blood             Lime                    Vitamin fines
Dried oats                Lead                     Wood dusts
Dried mix cereal      Mixed feeds         Zinc oxide


Mechanical/manual shake fabric dust

Reverse air type dust collector

High efficiency cyclones


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