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                     Products Made By Kemac Sendirian Berhad

                      Bag Filter Dust Collectors
                      Air Ducts
                      Screw Conveyors
                      Rotary Valves
                      Vibratory Feeders
                      Vibratory Conveyors
                       Pneumatic Delivery Systems
                       Belt Conveyors
                       Design, Build and Install
                       Custom Made Machinery
                        Air Silencers
                        Clean Air Booths
                        Isolation Chambers
                        Wheeled Loaders and Unloaders
Bag Filter – Bagfilter, fan and
ducting for quarry operation.
Bagfilter being lifted for export.
Bag Filter  -- General view of bag filter
(dust collector) for asphalt plant with
ducts and chimney.
Custom made machinery – Design
of belt conveyor on powered wheel
structure for ship-loader.
A radial centrifugal fan for
100 degrees Centrigrade air.
Pneumatic delivery system –
Complete cyclones, bag filters
and pneumatic delivery system.